Tough on the outside.
Very comfortable on the inside.

When your trucks work some of the toughest jobs around, you can't underestimate the importance of comfort. The interior of the 49X has the space, the ergonomics and the quality finish that make the long days for operators in construction, logging, quarry and other demanding environments a lot more comfortable. Explore it for yourself below.

superior comfort superior comfort

trim level

  • X-Series Base
    • Quarry Grey
    • Charcoal Black
  • X-Series Premium
    • Quarry Grey
    • Timber Brown
    • Charcoal Black

Day Cab: door map pocket does not have a fabric insert

Sleeper: door map pocket insert color matches trim color


X-Series Base

  • Quarry Grey
  • Charcoal Black

X-Series Premium

  • Quarry Grey Mordura
  • Charcoal Black Mordura
  • Timber Brown Mordura
  • Quarry Grey Diamond
  • Charcoal Black Diamond
  • Timber Brown Diamond

Not all seat combinations are shown

The 49X Dash

The dash of 49X is a study in forward-thinking engineering and design,
with every decision made to let operators keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

  • Driver Command Center
    Features six gauges and a central LCD screen that provides important engine information and alerts from Detroit Assurance and Detroit Connect Virtual Technician®. Driver Command Center
  • Multi-Function Steering Wheel
    Leather-wrapped steering wheel offers integrated controls for stereo, Driver Command Center interaction, cruise control and cruise interrupt, as well as a Bluetooth® connection for mobile phones. Steering Wheel and Controls
  • Steering Column
    Fully adjustable to provide full range of motion for increased operator comfort. Steering Column
  • Transmission Control Stalk
    Allows automated manual and automatic transmission shifting and engine braking functions from the column for safer operation. Transmission Control Stalk
  • Vocational Switches
    The 49X features robust, programmable rocker style switches that are easy to read and use with back lighting, laser-etched graphics and guards to reduce unintentional actuation. Vocational Switches
  • QuickFit Dash Access
    Located on top of the dash near the windshield, the QuickFit Dash Access lets you easily route wires to power dash-mounted devices. Quick Fit Dash Access
  • Controls
    Remote mirror and window control switches are within easy reach, located on the door panels for convenience. Controls
  • Cupholders
    Three extra-large cupholders are within convenient reach of the operator and designed to hold even the largest beverages. Cupholders
  • FlexPanel
    Proprietary FlexPanel provides the space and flexibility for TEMs to easily integrate body controls, or for customers to mount tablet devices or add up to 24 switches or up to 10 gauges. FlexPanel
  • PTO Control Logic
    When the PTO is engaged, you can view your engine speed presets in the Driver Command Center and, using the control buttons in the multi-function steering wheel, change engine speeds with the push of a button. PTO Control Logic

The new HVAC system in our X-Series line of trucks is designed to deliver best-in-class performance, reliability and serviceability:

  • Brushless blower motor for long life, high reliability and quiet performance
  • Direct drive actuators and rubber over-molded doors for smooth operation and high reliability
  • Five face outlets, four floor outlets and two side window defrost outlets for optimal performance and comfort
  • Quick and easy recirculation filter removal and replacement
  • Simple and intuitive three-knob controls, with chrome bezels on premium trim
  • Controls are LED backlit for clear visibility in the dark
  • 10 blower speeds for improved operator/passenger comfort
  • Optional roof-mounted A/C condenser available to keep it away from dust and debris for better airflow

The 49X represents a leap forward not just in technology but in comfort. In the sleeper, you’ll find a number of features and options that let you create the living and working space your operators need when they’re on the job for extended times.

Interior Day Cab
Interior Sleeper
sleeper roof Heights and lengths
Trench-Style Low Roof Sleeper
Low Roof Sleeper
Mid Roof Sleeper
Mid Roof
Stratosphere High Roof Sleeper
High Roof Sleeper
Interior Sleeper Cut Away
Sleeper Features
Sleeper Window
The large sidewall sleeper window is insulated for comfort and can be tilted out for venting.
Stratosphere Sleeper Window
Side Doors Both side access and baggage doors are used for easier access and greater storage.
Side Doors
Ambient Lighting On 72-inch models, the LED Premium Ambient Overhead Sleeper Lighting with dimmer provides indirect illumination that makes activities like reading, updating logs or computer work easier and creates a more inviting environment.
Ambient Lighting
Bunks A traditional double-bunk option is available with space-saving telescoping ladder, with storage lip to reduce likelihood of storage items moving while driving.
Workspace Optional operator's loft with dinette/work table that can be folded flat to allow a full bed mattress.
Cabinetry Large passenger- and operator-side storage cabinets, with spacious wardrobe featuring four inches of additional hanging length.
Appliances The sleeper features a microwave cabinet built to accommodate standard appliances, as well as a large refrigerator with matching cabinetry or the option to supply your own refrigerator.
Media Swiveling flat-panel TV bracket that can support up to a 26-inch screen.
Power Multiple DC power outlets, with a variety of powerful inverter and inverter pre-wire options for AC-powered items.
Comfort Extreme insulation package available for sleepers which adds an additional layer of Thinsulate to side walls, back walls and floor to help keep operators comfortable in extreme environments.
Rear Window The 49X sleeper is also available with a new rear window option for added natural light.
Rear Window
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