The X-Series Cab.
Making legendary performance lighter and safer.

Constructed from a premium-grade aluminum and enhanced with steel reinforcements, the new X-Series cab is light, safe, strong and spacious so that it can help protect and retain operators while delivering greater payload and uptime for a variety of demanding applications including dump trucks, cement mixers, log trucks and heavy haul.

  • Trench-Style
    Low Roof
    Composite roof with a lowered center section enables optimized packaging of overcab equipment, minimizing overall vehicle height, while maximizing interior headroom and door openings.Trench-Style Low Roof
  • Structural
    Our engineers used state-of-the-art technology to place structural material and reinforcements strategically to minimize weight while maximizing toughness and safety.
    • Backwall Header
    • Reinforcement
    • Increased A-Pillar Section
    • Size and Strength
    • B-Pillar Reinforcement
    • Hinge Reinforcements
  • Engine
    Quiet Steel®* engine tunnel reduces engine noise intrusion into the cab to provide a premium operating environment.Engine Tunnel*Quiet Steel is a registered trademark of Material Sciences Corporation
  • Vocational Tuned
    Cab Suspension
    Our front and rear cab mounts reduce fatigue by providing optimal cab stability and a premium operator environment.
The X-Series Door

The X-Series door is designed as an integral part of the steel-reinforced aluminum cab structure. Built from rugged steel and designed to be easy to service, it will deliver greater uptime and operator comfort for years to come.

The X-Series Door

C-Bar Mirror System

We designed our new mirrors to deliver what your operators need and more, with features that enhance visibility, reduce operator fatigue, improve safety and increase uptime. You'll never look at a mirror the same way again.

C-Bar Arms Reduced profile for greater forward visibility and reduced resistance.
C-Bar Arms
Mounting System Optimized and stiffened to avoid low-frequency and low-engine speed vibrations.
Mounting System
Heating Options Optional heating system keeps mirrors free from frost and snow.
Heating Options
Integrated Turn Signals Easy-to-see integrated signals offer added safety for operators and other motorists.
Integrated Turn Signals
Ingress and Egress

Getting in and out of the cab is a big part of any vocational operator's day. To make it easier and safer, the 49X offers a number of features and improvements.

Opening Area Expansive door opening area with wide 70-degree opening angle to ease ingress and egress for the largest operators.
Opening Area
Grab Handles Re-engineered locations for safer and more comfortable entry and exit.
Grab Handles
Steps Made from corrosion-resistant aluminum with lower step-in height and improved volcano tread for safety.
Scuff Plate Defines the entry and makes the cab easy to sweep out.
Scuff Plate
Rear Window Options

The 49X gives you the options to meet the demands of your application, including a new three-window configuration that increases the rear window area by 77% over previous models and impact-resistant polycarbonate to help protect you from costly window replacements.

Optional Three-Piece
Rear Window
Optional Three-Piece Rear Window
Standard Single Rear Window
Standard Single Rear Window
Optional Solid Wall
Optional Solid Wall
Stronger. Lighter. Better. Than Ever.

Engineered to improve durability and performance, as well as provide the best operator visibility possible. The new molded resin hood is nearly 100 pounds lighter than our previous hood, and is designed to resist high impacts to last the life of the vehicle. Strength and durability while reducing weight so your operation can haul more and make more.

  • ISO Tech Hood Suspension System
    Our all-new exclusive ISO Tech Hood Suspension System absorbs shocks and isolates the hood from brutal road conditions to reduce the chance of cracking and costly hood replacements.ISO Tech Hood Suspension System
  • All Metal Brightwork
    Features including the intake cover, grille, sun visor and more, and are built from durable, long-lasting metal.All Metal Brightwork
  • Air Intake
    Dual stainless steel air intakes are fashionable and functional, feeding our new, easy-breathing underhood air cleaner.Air Intake
  • Grille
    Mounted directly to the radiator for easy hood opening with bumper-mounted implements, the grille is made from a single piece of stainless steel with external stainless fasteners for easy replacement.Grille
  • Opening Angle
    A 72-degree service opening for easy servicing of underhood components. Standard hood strut lock keeps the hood from closing in windy conditions.Opening Angle
  • Fenders
    Made from steel-reinforced molded resin material designed to take a hit, and featuring new flares that protect the hood, cab and frame sides from splash and debris.Fenders
  • Radiator and Cooling
    Choose from our standard serviceable aluminum radiator that delivers excellent performance and reduced maintenance costs, or our optional severe service radiator for demanding applications.Radiator and Cooling
  • Hood Latch
    Features self-locating rubber cowl hood mounts to secure the hood and constrain it from lateral movement while remaining easily accessed with a single gloved hand.Hood Latch
  • Air Cleaner
    Our underhood air cleaner offers nearly the same dust capacity as twin external canister air cleaners with 60 percent less weight and half the replacement time.Air Cleaner
  • Auxiliary Mirrors
    Structural provisions for auxiliary mirrors eliminate the need for additional hood reinforcements, reducing cost, time and complexity of retrofitting.Auxiliary Mirrors