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Our Simple Goal.

Total Customer Support.


Western Star Trucks provides limited warranty protection for aftermarket parts sold directly through Western Star dealers. Coverage is for defective material and/or workmanship for 12 months & unlimited miles. For explanations of warranty coverage, contact your local Western Star dealer.


Western Star Trucks provides a robust warranty protection for all its vehicles, backed by exceptional customer service. We take pride in our belief that anyone who purchases a new vehicle is entitled to warranted protection, as well as peace of mind that any questions will be answered promptly and satisfactorily.

With every new Western Star vehicle we provide a limited warranty which covers defects in material and/or workmanship which will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period. For Questions regarding warranty claims or a detailed explanation of warranty coverages, please contact your local dealer. For emergency issues, contact the Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-385-HELP, 24-hours a day/7 days a week.


Questions concerning Recall Campaigns on any of our products? Please call the Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-385-HELP.

Western Star Extended Detroit Engine Coverage


Extended service coverage from Western Star helps protect your most important business asset: your bottom line. With your choice of options, extended coverage helps you control up-front costs and manage unexpected repairs occurrences at today's pricing. After reviewing the Base Warranty Coverage on your truck purchase, strongly consider one of the Extended Coverages that fit your needs and application for protection on engine systems and components.

Multiple time and distances available up to six years or 600K miles for on highway, or seven years or 400K miles for vocational applications. Whether you need engine service tomorrow or major repairs in three years, extended coverage for your truck's engine helps protect your most important investment.

Western Star Extended coverage for your Detroit component is also available for the DT12 transmission, DT12 clutch, Detroit axles, and used Detroit engines.

Are you interested in longer warranty coverage? Detroit Extended Next can be added to your active Extended Detroit Engine Coverage to keep your investment protected even longer.

Do you have a DD13, DD15, or DD16 without a warranty or an expired extended coverage? Detroit OE Advantage may be for you.


Throughout every year of truck ownership, operational and repair costs can be expected to increase significantly. Extended service coverage for your Western Star truck chassis helps mitigate the risk of unplanned expenditures for related components. Repair and labor costs are controlled when you're covered, a substantial benefit unavailable outside the network.

After your Base Warranty ends, you will be able to count on Western Star Extended Service Coverage to control your out of pocket repair costs making your business expenses more predictable.

For more details about how extended coverage can benefit you, please contact your Western Star dealer.

Custom Truck Services (PDI)

Post-Production Modifications

Hand-Built Adds Custom-Built

Special Services
  • Preparation for export
  • Pre-delivery inspections
  • Initial FMCSR 396 DOT inspection
Alternative Fuels
  • Fuel tank packages for CNG
  • Methane detection systems
  • Installation of complete alternative-fuel packages
Auxillary Power and Heaters
  • Certified installer of diesel-powered THERMO KING TrilPack
  • Diesel heaters and domestic auxillary HVAC for Day Cabs
  • Installation of any APU purchased at WST dealer, or customer-provided units
Body Installations
  • Dump bodies (spreaders, snow plows and side plows)
  • Scissor-lift bodies
  • Dry and refrigerated van bodies, including lift gates
  • Stake beds
  • Palletized bodies (including safety walks and steps)
  • Forestry and multi-purpose bodies
  • Water tankers
Equipment Installations
  • Microwaves, TV/DVD combos, battery/power cut-off switches, etc.
  • Chrome and stainless steel options
  • Hydraulic systems, including hydraulic-lifting fifth wheels
  • Automatic snow chains
  • Automatic engine shutdown systems
  • Engine brake controller
  • Air shield, fairing and chassis aerodynamics kits
  • Lighting (from engine compartment lights to LEDs and light bars)
  • Automatic chassis-lube systems
  • Cab guards, tool boxes, head racks, underpass seat safes, back-class guards & bumper installs
  • Remote vehicle operation systems
  • Onboard truck scales
  • Tire-pressure monitoring systems
  • Certified installer of EZ Trac Hydraulic AWD Systems
Bulk Hauling
  • Installation of off-loading equipment
  • Off-load pumps and blower systems
  • Power take-offs (PTOs)
  • Wet-line kit systems
Fleet Preparation
  • Customer-service inspections
  • DriveCam systems (video-based driver safety technology)
  • Ignition-lock and other security systems
  • Customer decal packages and truck numbers
  • Permit plates and placards
  • Safety cones, wheel chocks, accident and spill-containment kits
  • Customer-logo mud flaps
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Lane-departure systems
  • Telematic and GPS systems
  • Zone Defense (back-up camera system)
  • We provide accessory installations, light and/or heavy modifications to meet your needs.
  • Standard DTNA warranty applies to workmanship with supplier pass-through warranty on parts.
  • Corporate marketing, sales and engineering departments collaborate to offer custom options, faster.
  • We offer competitive pricing compared to most third-party vendors and provide Risk of Loss coverage while the truck is at our facilities.
  • Each Western Star manufacturing plant features a Custom Truck Service Center, removing any additional transportation costs and getting your trucks back on the road faster.
  • Prior to delivery, any quality items or quality alerts that occur from plants or suppliers while the truck is in our possession or at the transporter are resolved.
  • No matter which Custom Trucks Services location you choose to customize your truck, you can rest assured that the same quality, consistency and pricing will apply.

Visit a Western Star dealer today and request a Custom Truck Services quote.

Parts Overview




DTNA PartsTM is Daimler Truck North America’s (DTNA) comprehensive line of replacement parts, maintenance items and accessories for DTNA and all-makes medium and heavy-duty commercial trucks and buses. DTNA Parts includes three distinct product lines:

  • Genuine DTNA Parts: Superior-quality parts designed for precise fit and flawless function in DTNA vehicles, providing unparalleled performance, efficiency and reliability.
  • Premier DTNA Parts: High-quality aftermarket and remanufactured parts from trusted Original Equipment Suppliers (OES), offering reliable operation and proven durability.
  • Value DTNA Parts: Quality parts and accessories for all makes and models that are simple to obtain and easy on the budget, delivering the most value on the road.

DTNA Parts provides a broad range of replacement components that are widely available through our extensive distribution network and priced to match any budget.

Western Star has one of the most advanced parts distribution networks in North America. Our Parts Distribution Centers use the latest high-tech systems to offer unparalleled parts availability — with an inventory of more than 800,000 unique part numbers available to our dealers.

Locate the Western Star dealer nearest you.



Built on speed and efficiency, PartsProX powered by Excelerator is your one-stop shop for all VIN/Serial information. With PartsProX, you are now able to view chassis and major components, vehicle specs, and design groups in a unique experience. Save time and become the expert!


  • Interactive Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Enhanced Part Images
  • Improved Search Capabilities
  • Supersessions
  • Alternatives
  • Recall Campaigns

You can also contact your local dealer for the option to see real-time dealer and PDC availability. 


If you are looking for a new & modern digital catalog, you are in the right place. Register today! Already registered? Click here to sign in.


Watch this video to learn more.

Alliance Parts

Better Parts.

Good Prices

Alliance Parts serves the commercial transportation industry with reliable, new and remanufactured all-makes parts and accessories to keep medium- and heavy-duty trucks on the road.

Alliance Parts has over 30 product lines of accessories and parts for maintenance and repairs. Available at more than 800 locations in North America, including your favorite Western Star dealer, each part meets or exceeds original equipment supplier (OES) specification, and is backed by a one-year/unlimited-mile warranty. You'll never have to trade quality for value.

More products are being added to the Alliance Parts product line all the time. Visit your nearest Western Star dealer or check out for more detailed product information and special offers.

Visit your Western Star dealer today!

Service Overview



Years ago, one North American company made a commitment to its customers to be more than just a builder of trucks. And Western Star delivered on that promise. That's why today, no matter where you go in our network of dealers, you'll get the outstanding maintenance and repairs you need to get back on the job.


We know that every minute your truck spends waiting for service costs you more than just time. It costs you money. Our dealers use state-of-the-art technology, hire the industry's best technicians and work together to give you the best service. When you visit a Western Star dealer, your repairs will be done right and done quickly using high-quality, brand name parts.


Our dealers give you more than fast service; you get complete service. This includes critical attention to warranty repairs and offering convenient Customer Protection Plans. And with a footprint of 450+ rooftops across North America, there's a Western Star service center near you that can make the repairs you need quickly.

Working with Western Star means you'll also have the option to access roadside assistance or our team directs you to the nearest dealer location within our broad network. So even when you can't get to us, we'll find a way to come to you and get you rolling again.

We offer 24-hour support and answer parts and repair questions from our Customer Assistance Center. Whenever it isn't convenient to visit a dealer, one call to the CAC will get you on your way to a solution. That's Total Customer Support, from Western Star.



Uptime Management Suite offers a bundle of service technology that helps improve the accuracy of repair needs, provides real-time tracking of vehicle repair status and minimizes downtime to get your truck back on the road.

EXPRESS WRITEUP: With the help of a mobile app, Express WriteUp provides a better way to create repair orders and estimates because they are performed at the vehicle to speed decision making. Express WriteUp also provides a better customer experience to help improve efficiency and convenience.

SERVICE TRACKER: Service Tracker is a web-based application for fleet customers that is used for streamlining communications with our service network and real-time tracking of their vehicles as they progress through the service experience – from estimate ready to vehicle ready. Service Tracker reduces wait time for approving estimates and provides customized repair status notifications.

UPTIME PRO: Uptime Pro is a state-of-the-art management software that helps service at a dealer location run at peak efficiency with transparency and coordination that keeps everyone in the loop and provides visibility into progress, status and needs.

UPTIME PERFORMANCE: Uptime Performance enables dealers to understand the customer’s view of their efficiency. Each of our Elite Support certified dealerships employs Continuous Improvement Coordinators (CIC) whose main job is to measure their performance and keep improving the customer experience. The reporting provided shows the CIC.

  • Performance on repairs to focus on improving fast and accurate repairs
  • Identifies Best in Class dealers to enable best practice sharing between locations
  • Historical volumes to be better prepared for seasonal changes in work load

Elite Support


Elite SupportSM Certified dealers deliver unmatched customer service and efficiency every time a truck comes in for maintenance or repair.

Find Elite Support Locations Tour an Elite Support Dealer

Express Assessment

Express Assessment is the commitment to provide a preliminary diagnosis and communication to the customer within 2 hours of arrival. All Elite Support Certified locations participate in Express Assessment.


Maximizing Uptime

The ultimate goal of the Elite SupportSM
Network is maximizing vehicle uptime.
Every Elite Support dealership must be
recertified annually to ensure you
experience a consistent, higher standard
with every visit across our network.


Best-Trained Technicians

Our technicians receive continual training
from the experts at Freightliner and
Western Star. We focus on a solid
understanding of all vehicle systems
and have access to the latest tools
to expedite repairs.


Continuous Improvement

Every dealership earning the Elite Support
certification must meet 129 specific
criteria across 25 customer service areas.
To maintain these high standards,
dealerships employ a Continuous
Improvement Coordinator.


Robust Parts Availability

Through the combined experience of our
network and close collaboration with our
service team, we understand what parts
we need on-hand to get you back on
the road quickly. Our data-driven stocking
program ensures that the parts you need
are never far away.


Exceptional Amenities

We know that when we service your
vehicle, we're servicing your business.
Elite Support Certified dealers believe
in providing quality repairs and timely
communication from a friendly and
familiar team. Our facilities are designed
to minimize downtime and provide a
comfortable environment for drivers
as we work to get your truck back
on the road.

Online Tools

Detailed Technical Info.

Right at Your Fingertips.


This resource is open 24/7, whenever you need information about your Western Star vehicles. These manuals are available for viewing in English, French, and Spanish.

Learn More >

Customer Assistance Center


Our Customer Assistance Center (CAC) was developed to make sure that you have access to our state-of-the-art services no matter when or where you need them.

Our dedicated representatives have an average of 20 years of experience in the trucking industry. Aside from our dealers, the CAC is the best place to call for someone who can help solve your problem.


Our CAC uses the power of our dealer network to solve problems quickly and get drivers on their way. Using the latest communications technology, our Customer Support Representatives are able to answer questions or arrange roadside assistance or towing service most anywhere on the road. We'll put you in contact with the closest Western Star dealer and get you back in action. If there isn't a dealer nearby, your CAC representative will find an independent dealer close to you that can help.

And if your company is a member of one of our fleet programs, we can offer you "Extended Breakdown" support and payment options, making it even easier to get your vehicle rolling no matter where you are.


With our Customer Assistance Center, we work to provide what we call Total Customer Support, the new service standard for the industry. When a breakdown or service problem occurs, we're able to bring the full resources of our network to the rescue right away. With dealers all over the country, Western Star has the resources to get you moving again, quickly and profitably. Because we know that in the trucking industry, time really is money.

To contact the Customer Assistance Center, click here.