Show Us Your Star

Western Star Owners are seriously proud of their Stars. And our new Star Gallery is your place on the Western Star web site to show them off. So grab your cameras and take your best shots. We'll publish your Western Star photos to the Star Gallery -- along with your name, your company name, the model/year of your Star, and any comments you'd like to make.

Photo Info:
You can submit up to 4 photos. If you can, include yourself in at least one of your truck photos.

Photo Tip:
Your truck photo will look better if your truck is out in the open, and fills most of your photo frame.

How to Submit your Star photos:

(Note: The file size of each photo can be up to 2 Mb. The file type of your photo should be a .JPG, .TIF, or .GIF.)

STEP 1: Complete the information in the form on the right.

STEP 2: Add up to 4 photos by clicking the browse buttons and locating them on your computer.


1. Fill out all of the following information:

Your name:
Truck Model/Year:
Your E-mail: This information will NOT be displayed on the web site.
Tell us more about your Western Star and its assets on the job.

2. Select the photos of your truck

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3. Click Submit