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Sep 8, 2017 - Sep 10, 2017

Sublimity Harvest Festival (Dealer participating)

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Sublimity, Oregon
11880 Sublimity Rd SE
Sublimity, Oregon

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The Sublimity Harvest Festival began in 1973 with the first tractor pull. It started out as a competition between local farmers, to see whose tractor could pull the most dead weight the furthest.

It all began by using a sled hooked to the back of a tractor. Farmers and spectators lined the sides of the track, as the sled was pulled down the track, they would jump on and add weight until the tractor could not pull any further. The distance was measured by using a hand held tape.

This friendly competition that began on a Sunday afternoon, in an open field years ago, has now become the Grand Finale of each year!

Western Star dealer, McCoy Freightliner of Salem, OR, is participating in this event! Come see Western Star's model for Extreme Efficiency, the 5700XE!