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Jul 18, 2017 - Jul 20, 2017

Ag in Motion (Dealer participating)

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Ag in Motion Show Site
Range Road 3083 at Hwy 16
Rural Saskatoon, SK

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Ag in Motion is the first and only agricultural trade show in Western Canada that provides an outdoor venue for progressive farmers that want to see and feel the latest agricultural innovations -- all in one place.

Now in its third year, Ag in Motion brings innovation to the field through interactive exhibits and live field and crop plot demonstrations. The Expo was created to empower farmers by providing the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Mark your calendars! Don't miss Ag in Motion, Western Canada's first outdoor farm expo, situated on 320 acres of prime agricultural land, just 15 minutes northwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

SEE Technology. TOUCH Innovation. BE Empowered.

Western Star dealer, Winacott Spring Western Star Trucks of Saskatoon, SK, is participating in this event!